Miss Teen Information 2017

2017 Miss Teen Hopkins County

Contestant Information

When is the pageant? Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 7:00 pm

What are the Rules?

1. You must be a resident of Hopkins County.

2. You must have reached your 13th birthday by Oct. 31, 2017 & cannot be 16 on Oct. 31, 2017.

3. You must attend at least 1 pageant rehearsal at the Hopkins County Fairgrounds Midway building

When are the rehearsals?

Rehearsal times:

Thursday July 20 5:00-7:00pm

Monday, July 24 5:00-7:00pm

*Please bring to the first practice: a $55.00 sponsor fee check or money order made out to the Hopkins County Fair. (no cash please)

*Completed information sheet

*Signed copy of the rules form and media release (which is enclosed/attached).

You may also want to bring any shoes you need to practice in.

*A group photo of all the contestants will be taken for the Messenger at the first practice.

During the rehearsals we will go over the opening, walking on stage with poise and confidence, comparative judging, and self-introductions. Contestant numbers will be drawn at the first rehearsal to determine order.

Sports Wear

You will need to wear the same outfit for interview and sportswear competition. You may choose your own outfit. Please choose a dress or skirt & shirt combination. It may be any color, pattern or solid. It should be something you would wear to a wedding or church.

NO really SHORT lengths. Also please watch tanks & halters!!!! No Cleavage Revealing!!!

Evening Gown

Full length Formal wear (similar to prom).


Interviews will take place before the pageant. Interviews will be held after 3:30 pm.

Your interview time will be assigned to you according to the number you draw at the rehearsal. Please be careful of making hair appointments too late on the day of the pageant....it may interfere with your interview time.

Information sheets

Please complete the enclosed information sheet and bring it to the first practice. Please print neatly and legibly. You need to keep in mind the judges will have copies of the information sheets and the Emcee will be reading the sheets during the pageant. Most interview questions will be taken from the info sheet as well. Also please sign and bring the enclosed/attached media release and rules.

I am looking forward to meeting each one of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text me anytime .



Melinda McGaw 836-0693

Pageant Coordinator



The pageant will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2017.

Entry fee is $55.00, due at practice. Please make all checks payable to Hopkins County Fair.  Contestants will do on-stage introductions in their sportswear. They will be judged in interview, sportswear and evening gown competition.  Score sheets will NOT be available after the pageant.

Contestants MUST be a resident of Hopkins County and have reached their 13th birthday by October 31, 2017 and not have reached their 16th birthday on Oct 31, 2017. Contestants must have never been married, had a marriage annulled or have children.

If at any time Miss Teen Hopkins County behaves in a manner that is disrespectful to her or in a manner that is not morally and ethically respectful to the county and the title she holds, her actions may be brought before the Hopkins County Fair Board for consideration of removal of her title. In the event of this circumstance, the obligations and duties of the title will be relinquished to the first runner up.

Winner will compete for the title of Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair to be held in Louisville during October 2017  

Winner will be expected to attend various events at the fair and other community events throughout her reign.

You must be registered by this date and time to participate in the pageant.

It is important to attend AT LEAST 1 practice or let MELINDA know if you will be unable to attend.

Your completed information form, sponsor fee and the rules form MUST be turned in by the last practice

I have read pageant rules and entry form and agree to abide by them. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.



Media Release

Hopkins County-Madisonville Fair.  I hereby give photographers assigned by the fair permission to take photographs of the minor named below or photographs in which the minor may be involved with others for the purpose of promoting Miss Teen Hopkins County and/or The Hopkins County Fair. This includes state fair photos as well.

I hereby release and discharge professional photographers, Hopkins County Madisonville Industrial and Agricultural Fair, Miss Hopkins County, its Fair Board Members and Directors from any and all claims arising out of the use of the photos, or any right that I or the minor may have.

I, _________________________________ am 18 or older, and am able to contract for the minor in the above regard. I have read the above

statement and fully understand its contents.



Name: (Please Print)


Name of Minor:

Address of Minor: (if different)

Relationship to Minor:

Pageant Director and/or Fair Official:



CONTESTANT NAME: _____________________________________________________

SPONSOR: ______________________________________________________________

AGE: ___________________ BIRTH DATE: ____________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________


PARENTS: _______________________________________________________________

SCHOOL: ________________________________________________________________

GRADE: _________________________________________________________________

HOBBIES/SPORTS: _______________________________________________________



AMBITION: _____________________________________________________________


FAVORITE MOVIE: ________________________________________________________

FAVORITE BOOK: _________________________________________________________






Quick Contact Information

Fair Office:
Phone:  1-270-821-0950
Sissy Lutz Fair Secretary
Phone:  1-270-836-4617

Tent & Concession Rental:
Brian Jones 1-270-871-0088


Hopkins County Fair Inc

PO Box 425 |  605 E Arch St
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